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Hillside Players
Ardpatrick, Co Limerick, Ireland
This website was launched  to promote the parish of Ardpatrick and the surrounding area. The
village of Ardpatrick is named after Irelands patron saint, St. Patrick. St Patrick is reputed to have built
a church on the hill that overlooks the village and the remnants of this church still exist to this day.
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..... and so it comes to an end. I am sorry but I can no longer keep this web site
updated, it just takes too much time. I hope in time to start it back up but with a
better editor that makes it quicker to update. In the meantime look to the
Ardpatrick page on FACEBOOK for the latest pictures and events.

The archive of pictures over the years are still available by clicking here, but I
will leave you, somewhat fittingly with a picture of sunset over Ardpatrick on the
longest day of the year 2010
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Ardpatrick is now on Facebook. Since it is easier to maintain most new pictures and
events will be put there in future. Just join Facebook and search for Ardpatrick